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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
116712411751554483952610167*Nathan D'antonioMelton2021/2022R.Davies/A.Richardson Shield (Div 11)2 1Altona Roosters CC
2791546054155448395261479*Joshua RobMelton2021/2022R.Davies/A.Richardson Shield (Div 11)3 1Western CC
3782146604155448378343078*Mohammed imtiyaz KhanMelton2021/2022North/West 4th XI Division 23 1St. Bernard's OC
4722267112155448378343572Muhammadh Faahim Mohamed DulficarMelton2021/2022North/West 4th XI Division 24 1Spotswood
5631211777155448395261763*McGregor BroughMelton2021/2022R.Davies/A.Richardson Shield (Div 11)4 1Royal Bengal SC
6611432515155448380839261Bhupinderjit s BajwaMelton2021/2022South/West 2nd XI3 1Ormond
759123202155448380839259Damien CostiganMelton2021/2022South/West 2nd XI3 1Ormond
853805027155448377261353*Jason HibbertMelton2021/2022South/West 1st XI2 1Yarraville
9511200589155448403869151*Conrad FarrugiaMelton2021/2022U18 T20 Tuesday1 1Sanctuary Lakes CC
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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